About Juliett Rowe


Juliett Rowe has spent her career working with indie and DIY musicians, whether it was writing about unknown artists for print publications, helping artists make strategic decisions regarding their art, or taking late-night phone calls to offer words of encouragement.

In 2013, she became head of marketing and promotions for Atlanta indie record label Blood Drunk Records. The label was pretty active with ten bands on the roster, all in various stages of recording and touring. Juliett developed album release plans, secured tour press, and elevated Blood Drunk Records to be one of the strongest indie record labels in Atlanta. During this time, Juliett realized that many people in the DIY music scene often went unnoticed and unrecognized for their hard work in supporting the artists that they believed in.

It was this realization that caused her to create the Atlanta Record Label Fest in 2015. While digital music seems to be the future of the music industry, there are still plenty of music fans who like to buy vinyl and cassettes and support their music community. Atlanta Record Label Fest exists to showcase not only the people behind the scenes but the incredible art and merchandise that these burgeoning record labels are releasing. The purpose of Atlanta Record Label Fest is twofold: to serve the indie record labels by creating an opportunity for networking, learning from each other, and building community; and to serve the music fans by presenting them with cutting-edge musical artists, and bridging the gap between genres and sub-cultures.

The first year of Atlanta Record Label Fest was a success by drawing in hundreds of people and bringing together record labels and music fans in a new and unique way. The second-year (2106) was spent building on that foundation and expanding the event to two days and including indie record labels from all across the state of Georgia.

In 2017 Juliett expanded her artist management and consulting business for independent and DIY artists with Panther Creek Artist Management. She also started working with Atlanta independent record label Madison Records (Orchard/Sony) on digital marketing and project management initiatives.

Juliett has also been able to combine her love of music and technology as a Co-Founder and Head of Client Relationships and Marketing with Bandskor, a music SaaS company. Bandskor is building a dashboard to help talent buyers manage and analyze band submissions. Juliett is active not only in the Atlanta music scene but also with organizations like NARIP (National Association of Record Industry Professionals) and the Atlanta Chapter of the Recording Academy. She understands the need for education, networking, and supporting fellow friends and artists. You can often find her at a show, or hanging out with bands waxing poetic on the value of having a website and an email list.